Best Shots of All Time



スコセッシが “cinema is dead” と言っていたことを裏付けるかのように、このビデオで紹介されている映画はほとんど全てが2000年以前に作られたものです。映画は20年前くらい前に死んだメディアなんでしょうか。

This video essay talks about a lot of strong shots throughout the cinema history as well as basics of making a composition.

It makes me strengthen my respect towards so-called masters of cinema, such as Dreyer, Hitchcock, Scorsese and Coppola, for constructing such thoughtful and prideful film compositions.

As if to prove Scorsese’s opinion that “cinema is dead”, most of the films mentioned in this video are from before the 2000s. I guess film has been dead for about 20 years.